What is IPTV? What is Internet Protocol TV?
IPTV describes a system where a digital television service is delivered to subscribing consumers using the Internet Protocol over a broadband connection. IPTV Seattle is an IPTV video service that delivers quality video to your device based on the ability of your network connection.

I don’t have a broadband connection can I still get IPTV?
No, our services can only be delivered via a broadband network.

I have broadband internet from another provider. Will your services work with my connection?
The full list of Internet Service Providers that are compatible with our IPTV services can be found here.

What devices do you support?
Currently we support Android and Roku platforms. For a list of supported Roku devices click here. We are working diligently to bring our services to more devices and platforms. We will be launching a client for Windows, OSX, and Linux soon.

What areas do you serve?

IPTV Seattle provides services to western Washington State in the Seattle-Tacoma Designated Market Area.


What is the picture quality of IPTV Seattle like?
IPTV Seattle delivers high quality HD and SD television channels. Our HD services are currently available in 720p.

Will the IPTV picture quality degrade on slow or congested connections?
Yes, in order to insure the best possible quality picture we recommend a connection with a 4mbit connection for HD channels. If you are using multiple devices to watch multiple channels you will need 4mbit per HD channel streamed.

What channels are available?
The full channel listing is available on our website. Additional channels will be added to our line up soon.

What do I do if I am having problems?
If you are experiencing problems with IPTV Seattle services please contact our Technical Support Desk at helpdesk@iptvseattle.com.